ULYSSES – EP by Ulysses

Upcoming debut EP – ULYSSES by Ulysses, release December 1st 2018!

Ulysses by Ulysses

Stockholm based musician Ulysses steps forward as a front man and singer releasing debut EP “ULYSSES” containing 5 original blues and folk oriented songs. He plays a variety of stringed instruments with focus on guitar.

“ULYSSES” draws upon many genres. Blues and folk with flavors of African and even Greek music that is part of the artist’s half-Cypriot heritage. Lyrics are thoughtful and reflective, the sparse self-production laidback and filled with warmth.

”It’s been a long time coming”, Ulysses says. ”Now seemed like a good time to stop and look back. And to finally open my mouth and sing.” Words started to appear and the material for my debut EP came to me very quickly, over the course of a few summer months.

”I gathered a few of my favourite musicians and decided not to overproduce the whole thing with too many overdubs. The idea was to keep it raw and leave the “mistakes” in there”, says Ulysses. ”For me, a big part of the magic of music is what´s happening inside it while It’s being performed. All those micro moments and peoples different timing making up for an organic and seductive groove. I’ve tried to pay homage to my heroes and mentors in music. Basically I’m just a fan of roots music and consider myself as passionate a listener as a player. My list of heroes is endless and I can just hope and pray that some of their magic rubbed off on me after all those years of playing and listening.”

A key collaborator in the project is drummer/percussionist Bjorn Gideonsson. A friendship that goes back at least twenty-five years. Ulysses and Bjorn were touring buddies with blues troubadour Eric Bibb among others. ”I consider it a luxury and blessing to have Bjorn on board for this project. He’s my musical bodyguard and keeps me safely locked in the groove at all times”. Also appearing is Robert Ivansson (upright bass), Hassan Bah (congoma bass), Mattias Fabian (bass recorder) and Mona Johansson (harmony vocals).

All songs written by Ulysses
Produced and arranged by Ulysses
Recorded by Robert Wellerfors at Boo Studio and Robert Ivansson at Studio Atlas, Stockholm
Mixed by Robert Wellerfors at Boo Studio.
Cover art by Ulysses
Record label MoJo Music, Stockholm

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