A nice review of Mona Johansson’s album Walk

Mona Johansson’s album Walk got a really nice review in the paper release of Jefferson Blues Magazine (March 2018). We appreciate it a lot!

Google translation into English: A nice album from Mona Johansson and her fellow musicians. I’m used to hearing a “raw” fifties sound from Real Music Studio, but here the sound is softer, more modern, without losing authenticity. I like the consistent overall sound of these recordings, whether it’s old material like Son House “Death Letter Blues” or “modern” like “Breakin ‘up somebody’s home” or Dylan’s “Tonight I’ll be staying here with you” . Mona has a sure voice, not overdramatized but touching. The music sweeps the voice into a Nordic light, like a fog over damp fields. Christer Lyssarides cautious but precise guitar and pedal steel are exquisite, like Björn Gideonsson’s drums and Ralph Youngblood’s bass. Allen Finney guest plays on harmonica. Here is a curious innovation, without violating tradition. Olle Wallin

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