Down Where the Salt Wind Blows by Allen Finney

“A song from the 90s, that I played a lot at “Kaos” (the legendary, sadly gone) in Gamla Stan. Even recorded a simple, ballad version with “Fat City Blues” in 1999. Imagine my surprise when I heard what Robert was doing with it!  Flabbergasted! But after a few listens, I was a fan. Love it!  It also has some of my favorite lyrics, ‘…a lot of light unknown’.” (Allen Finney, 2018) (note: Robert Ivansson, producer)

Take me to the sand, down by the seashore
Let me stand and watch the waves
Take my hand, down where the salt wind blows
Let it blow my cares away

Take me to the street where all the bright lights glow
Let me hear that jukebox play
Fill my glass with something gold and mellow
Let it wash my sins away

There’s been a lot of keyholes, been a lot of low blows
There’s been some raising Cain
There’s been a lot of night walks, been a lot of pillow talks
There’s been a lot of rain

Lay me down beside the willow
Let the twilight come down
Lift my head above my pillow
Let me dream until I’m gone

There’s been a lot of high heels, been a lot of fast wheels
There’s been some bridges blown
Been a lot of tall grain out on the naked plain
There’s been a lot of light unknown

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