I Feel Like Going Home

“The music came to me in a dream at 3 AM. So I got up and found it on my guitar, as close as I could get anyway, wrote down the notes and recorded it on my little battery cassette machine, and went back to sleep. The next day, I started working on it. Lots of work on the lyrics. The thing is, in my dream, it was an entire symphony orchestra with lots of tympany. Huge. A mind boggler.” (Allen Finney 2018)

I’m sick and tired of this
Beat down to the bone
Hand me down my coat
Show me to the door

I’ll go out on the road
Walk away my shoes
My eyes are bitter cold
Since I saw through you
And I feel like going home

The house is closing in
It’s dark beyond the stairs
The deck is stacked again
There’s dust behind the chair

So take away that blade
And put away that mirror
It’s getting ‘way past late
Help me out of here
And I feel like going home

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