Lira review on Salt Breeze with Kites!

One of last year’s best Americana albums!

(translation from Swedish) 
Allen Finney is an American musician who has been living in Stockholm for over thirty years where he has been known in the local blues community. His latest album is not so bluesy however, although one of the songs is written together with Sven Zetterberg. Instead, it is roots americana that Finney explores here (though with touch of both blues and jazz). Which he does with great skill. His voice is very suitable for this kind of low-key swinging music. The album makes me think of J J Cale (whom Finney was the opening act for in France in the 1980s), Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Americana in my ears can sometimes sound the same but Finney makes it swing. In addition, the comp musicians are talented and also have good material to work with. Like the amazing opening track The Jim Dandy song, the shrewd Who's got the twine and the captivating When you got it good. The album was released at the end of 2018 and thus one of last year's best American albums! (Daniel Gustavsson, Lira, March 2019. Read the article in Swedish)
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