When You Got It Good by Allen Finney

“This one took a long time.  I can’t remember when I started it.  Always had a problem “taking it to the bridge,”  Wait Twice?  Three times?  Robert fixed that: No times.  Straight up.  Also, I never sang the ending like that before.” (Allen Finney, 2018) (note: Robert Ivansson, producer)

Sharp shoes when you’re on the street
Whole wheat with your toast and tea
A full pocket when you get your pay
Fine loving at the end of the day
That’s life when you got it good

Hot rhythm when you wanna dance
Soft strings when you’re making romance
A tender shoulder when you wanna weep
A leap year that really leaps
That’s life, when you got it good

A preacher who don’t preach too hard
A bulldog in your backyard
Quiet neighbors when you wanna sleep
A bowl of cherries that’s dark and deep
Cool friends when you’re on the town
A cool pillow when you’re lying down
In love on a sunny afternoon
Your time when you’re ready, not a moment too soon
That’s life, when you got it good

A teacher who don’t teach too hard
Barbeque Bob in your back yard…

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