Who’s Got the Twine? by Allen Finney

“Some songs just seem to write themselves. I rewrote some of it so it would flow better, but I’m as surprised as anyone sometimes. Twine is kite string.” (Allen Finney, 2018)

World don’t change, stays the same
Funky business all the time
You run yours, baby, I’ll run mine

I’m flying a kite, you’re sitting tight
With some fine red wine
You got the bottle, I got the twine

Somebody’s leaving, somebody’s grieving
Somebody’s counting time
Somebody’s napping, somebody’s rapping
Somebody’s doing a dime

The world don’t change, there’s a river of pain
Beyond the highway sign
You cry your tears, baby, I’ll cry mine

Somebody’s leaving (again)

Why don’t we be in harmony?
Everybody’s got a little rhyme
You show me yours, I’ll show you mine

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